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To move on the island of Mykonos the ideal is to rent a car. The companies offer a choice among a wide range of vehicles. Our cars fleet include mini and economy cars like the Chevrolet Matiz and Peugeot 107. We can offer also luxury car rental with Mercerdes and BMW. After selecting the category and features tailored to your requirements and budget, of course, to reserve you just need to click. If you do not have clear ideas you can quickly move from one category to another so as to save time, by comparing the cars available. Summer on the island is hot and dry, with an excellent climate to spend your days at sea and the beach.

MykonosEven if all the Greek islands are all very beautiful and suggestive, there is something truly unique in Mykonos. The lovely and dynamic island of Mykonos is the number one choice for those who love nature and fun. Known for its sunny beaches, original locations, famous guests and the luxury nightlife, Mykonos is, perhaps, the most popular of the Greek islands. It is located in the Aegean Sea and is part of the Cyclades group of islands that includes the islands of Syros, Tinos and Santorini. Its wealthiest visitors prefer to reach it in private yachts but for the majority of common tourists it is easier and cheaper to reach it by ferry from Athens.

Mykonos is quite small and has around 10,000 stable residents but it becomes very populated with visitors especially during the spring and summer seasons. In Mykonos you can lie in the sun on the beach during the day, stroll through the winding streets in the afternoon and have dinner on a romantic terrace overlooking the sea in the evening. The night can be concluded in some nice disco to dance until late in the night! What are you waiting to book your car and go around to Mykonos at full speed?


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Mikonos 846 00 Greece

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New car rental offers for Mykonos and Mykonos airport for the summer 2017.